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Home Design Trends for 2019

Here are 5 home design trends for 2019 courtesy of Taylor Morrison:

1. Pastels and jewel tones: Baby blues, mint greens, and blushing pinks will gain popularity in 2019, according to the home builder. If pastels aren’t for you, bold jewel tones like emerald and sapphire are another popular option for the new year.

2. Monochromatic schemes: The builder also picks high-contrast, monochromatic designs as a go-to trend for 2019, particularly in the kitchen.

3. Florals: Florals are a top trend in the fashion world right now, so it makes sense that floral wallpaper is making a comeback.

4. New finishes: Hardware finishes like black, rose gold, and brass are gaining popularity, according to the builder. “Black is a really important color for 2019, and you’ll be seeing it pop up everywhere—from countertops to hardware and faucets,” Crowder says.

5. Healthy homes: Healthy lifestyles that are also reflected throughout the home’s design is also trending, Bring the outdoors in by adding plants. Real plants provide the benefit of filtering the harmful chemicals out of your home.” Another interesting idea is to swap out hardwood for dust-collecting carpet and switch out high-gloss paint for flat finishes (since there are fewer chemicals in them). Not such a fan of the first idea since collecting dust sounds unpleasant but I get the concept. The second idea I can work worth.

Always something interesting on the horizon. Happy Holidays!

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