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Top 20 Hottest Housing Markets in the U.S.

Out of the 20 hottest housing markets in January, eight of them were located in California. According to Realtor Magazine, homes in the nation’s hottest markets in January tended to sell anywhere between 14 to 55 days faster than the rest of the market. Historically, California markets used to dominate®’s list but things are becoming a little more balanced across the country and smaller and more affordable markets are seeing strong gains.

Here's a list from®:

  1. Midland, Texas

  2. Chico, Calif. (wildfires influenced the uptick here)

  3. San Francisco, Calif. (the market has slowed down from a year ago. Less multiple offers, less homes selling way above asking)

  4. Fort Wayne, Ind.

  5. Colorado Springs, Colo.

  6. Sacramento, Calif.(more affordable but a large city with amenities)

  7. Yuba City, Calif. (wildfires influenced the uptick here)

  8. Columbus, Ohio

  9. Spokane, Wash.

  10. Odessa, Texas

  11. Dallas, Texas

  12. Vallejo, Calif. (more affordable than Bay Area but close enough to commute)

  13. Rochester, N.Y.

  14. Stockton, Calif. (still affordable compared to the Bay Area)

  15. Modesto, Calif. (still affordable compared to the Bay Area)

  16. Milwaukee, Wisc.

  17. Fresno, Calif. (still affordable compared to the Bay Area)

  18. Boston, Mass.

  19. Detroit, Mich.

  20. Louisville, Ky.


“Cold Front Moves in on the Hottest Real Estate Markets for January 2019,”® (Feb. 12, 2019)

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