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PG&E Outages and Preparing for the Winter Storms

The PG& E shut downs were the big topic of conversation last week. Luckily, Monterey County did not get hit with any power outages but it is a good reminder that the winter season is fast approaching and we should start preparing for potential outages and stormy weather.

The Monterey Peninsula has a lot of "above ground" electrical lines so falling trees and power outages are not uncommon during the rainy season. Many of our local residents have generators and although costs can vary, Costco has a reasonably priced one that can help bridge the gap during an outage. Last year, my kind neighbors helped me with my freezer food but this year I think I'll be more conscientious about not overstocking the freezer. I would hate to waste all of the food.

Remember to have your flashlights ready, your battery operated lanterns nearby and hopefully a gas stove. Clear your drains and debris from your gutters and check the trees on your property to ensure that there are no dangling branches, dead limbs or diseased trees. We had a lot of trees fall last year and we don't want a repeat.

On a positive note, we don't have to deal with blizzards and our temperatures are much more moderate compared to other parts of the country so all in all, we fair pretty well during the winter months.

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