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It's Wildfire Season....Protect Your Property & Your Community!

Here are some tips from Cal Fire and the Pebble Beach Community Service District. We are all responsible for keeping our neighborhoods safe! Rural areas with acreage are at higher risk but residential communities can do their part. Remember.....Smokey the Bear always says "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires!"


CLEAR flammable vegetation around buildings

CREATE a defensible space beyond 30 feet to 100 feet

REMOVE any tree that is within 10 feet of a chimney or stove pipe outlet

SCREEN the chimney outlet

TRIM & MAINTAIN trees - are trees or branches dying or dead?

BLOW needles and leaves from roofs and gutters

POST visible house number on the front of your property so the fire department can find you

Vacant Lots:

CUT and remove all brush and cut debris

CUT dry and dead grass to 4 inches in height

REMOVE dead tree limbs within 10 feet of the ground

REMOVE tree limbs within 6 feet of the ground

Common Sense:

DON'T throw your cigarettes on the ground. Not only can fires spark but the butts get into our drains and head to the sea.

DON'T let chains on trailers, trucks or cars drag on the roads. A single spark can start a fire!

DON'T have a camp fire during very dry periods. Watch for fire danger signs and follow their warning.

CONSULT the fire department before burning in your backyard.

Be safe out there and do your part to keep our communities safe!

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