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Classic Kitchen Trends

Here are some classic kitchen remodel suggestions that add "bang for your buck".

1. Quartz & Quartzite

Now a days, the options are endless and it's often hard to tell engineered surfaces from natural ones. An advantage? Quartzite is less prone to staining and does not need to treated. Granite and marble are prone to acidic substances like wine and orange juice and surfaces can be easily damaged. Who wouldn't like less work and pretty surfaces?

2. Bright, cool spaces

The all-white kitchen remains classic and allows you to add splashes of color without the big expense. Neutral and white spaces allow buyers to imagine their own touches and if your taste changes, a quick accessory change can make all the difference.

3. Sustainable materials

Adding sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood and fast-growing bamboo is a plus for the environment and future buyers.

4. Dark floors

With light and neutral cabinets and walls, try using darker hardwood and tile on your floors. A contrast can provide a dramatic statement.

5. Add Textures

Adding a variety of materials can help create interest in neutral palette rooms. Bead board, shiplap, brass, wood, tin are just a few suggestions. A little texture can go a long way!


40 Timeless Kitchen Trends That Will Last,” Life Rejoice (Aug. 2, 2020)

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