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Pre-Listing Tips to Help Sell Your House

Isn't it funny how we suddenly take a new look at our house when we get ready to sell? We notice the dingy paint, the broken cabinet door and the carpet that has seen better days. You know what I'm talking about, right? So.....what should you do when you are getting ready to sell?

Cost to remodel/repair is usually your biggest consideration but make sure to identify your top priority for selling. Do you need to sell quickly or do you want to capture the highest price? Repairs and remodels take time and money and sometimes we uncover unforeseen issues. There is a lot to consider but always consult your real estate professional. They've done this before and they know what buyers are looking for.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your home for sale:

  • New roofing - it's a big expense for you or the buyer. Buyers will calculate the cost into the price and discount their offer.

  • Refinish or add hardwood floors

  • Clean up the yard and add some curb appeal - first impressions leave lasting impressions

  • Power wash the house (depending on exterior surfaces)

  • Fix or replace a broken fence

  • Paint your kitchen cabinets

  • Replace old countertops if they are very outdated or worn

  • Replace broken or worn appliances

  • Replace your old cabinet hardware and other hardware throughout the home

  • Update old faucets

  • Deep clean your tubs and sinks and evaluate whether they should be replaced. It might be a smart dollar spent!

  • Update light fixtures

Source: Realtor Magazine October 26,2020 - Easy Property Fixes to Prompt A Quick Sale


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