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So Many Choices for How and Where to Place Your TV

Television options have experienced a significant evolution in recent years, with advancements in technology enhancing the viewing experience. While some appreciate the sleek look of a wall-mounted TV, others find it less appealing. Fortunately, there are diverse solutions for every person and budget. Here’s a quick overview of some of the options that are out there.

1.     Regular Wall-Mounted TVs: Available in various options, sizes, and price ranges. People often put them over mantles but make sure they aren’t too high. You don’t want to hurt your neck.

2.     Projection TVs: Improved quality allows for clear visibility even in broad daylight when projected on a screen or wall. Makes you feel like you are at the movies and it’s nice to be able to hide your screen.

3.     Retractable TV Mounts: Enable wall placement with the flexibility to angle the TV for optimal viewing. Always a good thing in awkward spaces.

4.     Furniture-Mounted Concealed TVs: Cabinets with hydraulic systems that raise and lower the TV, keeping it hidden when not in use. Love this idea!

5.     Ceiling-Mounted TVs: Flush within the ceiling, these TVs angle down when in use. Once again, I’d just want to make sure it isn’t too high since you don’t want to tip your neck back.

6.     Floor-Mounted Concealed TVs: Automated arms raise the TV concealed in the floor, adding a high-tech touch. In this case, you’d need the right location to accommodate the rise.

7.     Under-Bed Mounts: A mechanism hides the TV under a bed, emerging with a hydraulic arm when needed. How about this one? Not sure I’d like that since it sounds cumbersome but who knows?

8.     TV on a Stand: Various attractive variations at multiple price levels. Still a popular options for many people.

9.     Mirror TVs: Utilizing technology to mount a TV within a mirror, disappearing when not in use. These are very cool but can be expensive.

10.  Room Divider See-Through TV: LG has a wireless transparent OLED TV, offering a unique display technology that doesn't require wall placement. Sounds amazing!

11.  Rollable TVs: TVs that roll up into low-lying cabinets, maintaining your view, especially when positioned in front of a window. Convenient and a great way to maximize a view.

12.  TV as Art - The FRAME TV by Samsung: Resembles an art piece in a gallery-style frame when not actively used. LOVE!

Some of these options may come with a high price tag but it’s wonderful that we now have so many choices. What’s your pick?

Source: L. Steinberg | Dezeen | SVSF


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