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What Goes Around, Comes Around....Avocado Green May be Back in Style!

Remember those bold bright 70's colors? I do! We had an orange kitchen with orange cabinets, orange floor and if my memory serves me....we also had orange shag carpet in the bathroom that had a step up sunken tub. Yikes!

Well...they always say what goes around, comes around and it seems to be true with this year's color trends. Apparently, greens are in and they are showing up in home design elements such as kitchen appliances, furniture, carpets and kitchen cabinets At the 2021 virtual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, greens were everywhere with shades ranging from bold emerald green, deep forest hues to mint green and avocado.

I like green and I do think an accent piece can bring color and style to a room. A combination of white and green for kitchen cabinets can also be fun but be careful! Bold colors don't always appeal to everyone and trendy colors may come and go so before you commit, think about your long term goals. If you are in the for the long haul....go for it! If you plan to sell in the short term, neutrals might be best!

Source: national Association of Realtors, April 19, 2021


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