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National News: Millennials are Opting for the Suburbs!

Interesting news.......It appears that Millennials are moving to the suburbs and some surprising locations have shown up on the top 50 hottest zip codes. High-earning 25- to 34-year-olds are drawn by relative affordability, strong local economies, and outdoor and cultural amenities. They are close enough to big cities with less than big city price tags. With tele-commuting, young people have more options. Apparently homes in this year’s top 10 hottest ZIP codes sell, on average, in just 20 days—46 days faster than the rest of the country according to

The following is®’s rankings of the top 50 hottest ZIP codes for housing in the country and you'll notice that California is listed a nine times...Castro Valley - East Bay, Tracy - San Joaquin County, Fresno- Central Valley, Roseville - Sacramento, San Diego - Southern California, Vacaville - between Bay Area & Sacramento , Valencia - Southern California, Rohnert Park - Sonoma County and Temecula - Southern California.

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