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How Do You Use Your Kitchen?

The kitchen continues to develop as a multifunctional and social space according to Cosentino Group’s newly released “2019 Global Kitchen Study,” The study compiles findings from a survey of kitchen studios around the world and insights from design experts.

What do we use the kitchen for?

The main activities in a kitchen have become meals, reunions with guests, doing work, and performing other tasks.

How is technoloy affecting kitchen and design?:

The report highlights the rising use of social media on smart-home devices.

  • 54% say they use social media as inspiration to renovate or redecorate their kitchen, according to the study.

  • 62% also say they use it to take better care of their diet and consult social media as a source of information. It’s influencing them to change their eating and cooking habits: Fewer owners are cooking processed foods, and as such, food preparation in the kitchen is becoming more involved.

  • Many appliances now connect to your phone. You can turn on the oven before you arrive, turn it off if you forgot to do so before you left and much more.....

With that said, I'm still amazed at how many people want a beautiful state of the art kitchen but don't actually cook in it. I have seen homes for sale that still have the tags in the oven after several years. Wow!

Source: “Cosentino Releases the 2019 Global Kitchen Study,” Cosentino Spa (Sept. 19, 2019)

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