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Do These National New Construction Costs Measure Up in Your Area?

Residential construction costs can vary from state to state so the numbers below may not apply to your location, especially in Northern California. The Monterey Peninsula definitely falls outside these numbers. Contributing factors for higher costs include availability of workers, scarcity of local materials and building requirements that add time and money to a project.

Here are the 2019 National Results for Single Family Cost Breakdown for New Construction based on Average Lot Size: 22,094 and Average Finished Area: 2594.

Foundations $33,511

Framing/Trusses/Sheathing etc $51,589

Exterior Finishes $41,690

Plumbing $14,745

Electrical $13,798

HVAC $14,111

Insulation $5,184

Drywall $10,634

Interior trim, doors $10,605

Painting $8,254

Lighting $3,437

Cabinets $13,540

Flooring $11,998

Plumbing fixtures $4,108

Landscaping $6,506

Driveway $6,674

Source: Realtor Magazine. Breaking Down the Cost of Buiding a Home, February 12,2020

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