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Energy Conservation Tips for the Fall & Winter

We generally don't have air conditioning on the Central Coast so summers produce fairly low energy bills for us. Our utility bills usually go up during the winter time when the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler. We are fortunate that we don't experience big seasonal changes and our temperatures generally stay in the mid 40's to low 50's during the winter months. If we are having a wet winter, we'll get some much needed rain with winds and heavy downpours. Here are some energy conservation tips that might be useful as we get ready for the winter.

1. Turn off lights when not needed.

2. Use LED bulbs to reduce electricity usage.

3. Unplug unused electronics.

4. Try to use appliances during 'off' hours. Remote timers on washer/dryers, etc.

5. Check your air ducts for leaks.

6. Install an insulated tank wrap on your water heater.

7. Install programmable thermostats.

8. Close you your drapes and blinds to keep in the heat. Heavy curtains with black outs can help.

9. Use ceiling fans to recirculate heat that tends to rise.

10. Close off unused rooms.

11. Move furniture away from vents.

12. Change forced air system filters.

13. Check your weather stripping to make sure you have sealed doors. At the top, bottom and sides.

14. Use a humidifier to make dry air feel warmer.

15. If your dryer is vented outside, make sure that a dryer vent seal is installed correctly to prevent cold air from blowing in the duct, into your home.

16. If you use your oven, keep it open after use.

Stay warm and dry!


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