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Post Pandemic Home Priorities

The Pandemic changed our perspective on what was important on the home front. Remote work, extended time together, and a need to find peace and privacy are all playing a role in what home owners need and want these days.

Here’s a few of their top priorities:

Outdoor areas create more useable space for entertainment and exercise

Natural Light allows you to keep daytime energy bills lower, and can have positive health benefits as well.

Thermal insulation and an energy efficient HVAC system make your home more comfortable and efficient while you spend more time at home.

As we found out, the home office is now an important part of our lives and finding separate spaces is essential.

Home Security remains a priority. From Ring to full security monitoring systems, home owners see this as an important part of the dwelling.

Spare rooms are a priority to create flexibility for function and visitors. It might be an extra bedroom, a playroom, an exercise room, or even a multifunctional space that can change with your needs. During the Pandemic many family members moved in together so they’d have support and companionship during the crisis. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again but the additional room, provides us with options.

A multi-use garage offers many of the same benefits. You can use space for working, storage, or to convert later into additional living space.

Home owners want privacy from neighbors and a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of their lives. Position of your home on the lot, privacy fences, blinds are becoming more of a focus.

Walk-in Pantries allow you to stock up on supplies, and make use of cost-saving bulk purchases. Remember the run on toilet paper? With supply chain issues and inflation, being able to store large amounts of essentials can be important to some people.


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