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Power Source During A Storm

This year has been a particularly stormy winter and many areas of the Monterey Peninsula have lost power for a few hours or a few days. Above ground power lines and lots of trees are the biggest reason for our outages so having a back up power source is definitely something to consider. There are many options that range from hardwired generators, solar power walls, to small battery backup units. Prices, power capacity, and size can vary and each city and county may have different rules about generator installation. Make sure to check with your local jurisdiction before you proceed and get help from experts if you are thinking of doing a hardwire installation or power wall.

Since I live in Pebble Beach, here is a guide to help you through the installation process for a standby generator:

  • A Monterey County permit along with an inspection by the PB Fire Department is required

  • A sign must be posted at the house electrical panel that identifies the location of the generator on the property

  • Whenever possible the generator shall be soundproofed and installed away from neighboring properties and enclosed with fencing or similar housing

  • The Architectural Review Board must approve your noise reduction options such as:

    • Sound-absorbing enclosure

    • Exhaust mufflers/silencers

    • Isolation mounts

  • Timing for cycling the generator when not in use shoudb e scheduled to cause the least neighborhood impact

Source: Del Monte Forest Property Owners Newsletter, January - March 2021 issue


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