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Productive | Creative | Negotiator | Collaborator | Problem Solver | Effective Communicator 

Professionalism, a deep understanding of customer service and
a strong work ethic drive Debora Sanders to be the successful agent you need. 

With a diverse background in Real Estate that includes Residential Lending, Underwriting and REO Asset Management, she has led many successful sales & operational teams over the course of her career. 

Every individual has their own set of needs and perceptions
and Debora makes it her goal to understand, listen and anticipate the needs of her clients

with skilled collaboration, negotiation and communication. 


Bringing integrity, commitment, and a drive for results to all her client interactions, 

Debora Sanders is not afraid to tackle challenging projects or transactions.



Wild Deer
17 mile drive
West Sand Dunes

Living on the Monterey Peninsula is an experience like no other.

With a unique coastal placement that boasts a National Marine Sanctuary, and individual communities that fit every life style, this nature-rich, people-diverse location is comfortable, picturesque, and inspiring. 

Whether you are starting a family, retiring, or are a young professional looking for the next step, 
there is something for everyone on the Monterey Peninsula. 

My family’s story on the Monterey Peninsula dates back to the 1950’s, when my grandfather opened an antique store on the “Row” (Cannery Row) after the canning industry declined. He and some brave pioneering merchants decided to take the risk and revitalize the area. And, it worked! With the world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium and several four star hotels now firmly established, today tourists come from all over the world to visit historic Cannery Row.


While Grandpa ran the antique store, my grandmother and uncle opened a stationery store just off Ocean Avenue in Carmel. In the 1970's, while visiting family, my parents bought a second home in Pacific Grove and settled here a few years later. They loved living here. Dad cared deeply about preserving wildlife and lands along the Coast and mom is still so grateful to be a part of this beautiful area. 

I have very fond memories of my Steinbeck English class with Mrs. Hummel. She gave me a great appreciation for the history of this wonderful area.  Learning about the Salinas Valley, Cannery Row, and the people that lived here made history come alive. Though I did live in other places as an adult, the Monterey Peninsula always held a special place in my heart. The beautiful coastline, the wonderful trails, lots of amazing restaurants and all the art galleries and wineries you could wish for. It's a fabulous place to live so.....

Click the link below to learn more about this peninsula I call home~

The Essence of Big Sur!

The Essence of Big Sur!

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