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National News: Pacific Grove Short Term Rental Update

Short term rentals continue to be controversial in Pacific Grove and on May 11, a judge ruled in favor of the City and against a group of STR owners (STRONGPG) who objected to the lottery system that has been put in place.

The judge said that cities have the right to make decisions for the good of the community and therefore the rights of landowners become secondary considerations. She also said that because an annual license expires, rights expires on the date and become invalid.

The lottery is intended to reduce STR's from 290 to 250 so that only 15% of housing per block is dedicated to such housing.

The city sent out letters to all short term rental owners notifying them that the lottery would take place on May 22 at City Hall. At that time, those that are selected will have until April 2019 to continue operation.

Another group, Pacific Grove Neighbors United have submitted a ballot measure that would restrict short-term rentals and eventually phase them out of residential-zoned neighborhoods within 18 months. It would however not change the city's current room rental policy.

More to come......

Source: Monterey Herald, May 15, 2018

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