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National News: Most Important Features for a Dream Home....

A recent survey from Northshore Fireplace has the following as the most important features for a dream home:
  • A view with peace and quiet

  • Land and privacy

  • Living room/family room as the center of the home

There were some gender and generational differences for the ideal location of a perfect home.

  • Males tended to say their dream home would be on the beach

  • Females said their perfect home would be in the country.

Generational Location Preferences:

  • Baby boomers preferred the beach

  • Generation X members the country

  • Millennials the suburbs

Generational Style Preferences:

  • Baby boomers said they preferred ranches and a traditionally styled home

  • Millennials and Gen Xers preferred modern styles.

Source: “Discover America’s Dream Home,” Northshore Fireplace (July 2018)

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