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5 Upcoming Design Trends for the Home

Interesting news on the home design front......We're moving away from neutrals and grays and opting for bolder colors throughout the home! Here's a look at 5 projected trends for the next couple of years:

1. Bolder colors for cabinets, walks and even sinks. Terra Cotta, purple, blues and black to name a few

2. Brass and bronze accents continue to remain popular with hardware, lighting and faucets.

3. Geometric shapes such as squares, triangles and diamonds provide interest in the home. Lighting with angular shapes and Edison bulbs create drama and an artistic flair in the kitchen, dining room and living room.

4. Although walk in showers are still trending, stand alone bathtubs are gaining popularity. Tubs are becoming the show piece of the bathroom.

5. All-glass sliding wall panels and pocket doors are making the transition from the inside to outside more seamless. These doors disappear inside walls and really bring the outdoors in. They are often electronically operated and open with one push of a button.

Source: Realtor Magazine, February 25, 2019

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