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Staged Homes Sell Best!

I do agree that a staged house may help sell your home faster especially when you have a small space or an odd shaped room. Spaces can be deceiving and people often can't picture where things will go. In the living room, TV location seems to be the biggest issue for everyone. If there isn't a logical place, buyers get discouraged. Recently, a very small bedroom only had a desk and a chair for furniture. Visitors thought a bed wouldn't fit in the room but with staging, 2 twin beds and a night stand fit comfortably in the room. Who knew?

Staging is usually paid by the Seller. There is a set up fee and then a monthly charge. Sometimes a package deal can be negotiated. Often a house just needs de-cluttering and some re-arranging. Getting help from a professional makes the task less daunting and a one time fee may not be out of your budget.

Courtesy of California Association of Realtors.

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