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Guess How Many Baby Boomers Reach the Age of 65 Each Day?

Do you know how many baby boomers reach 65 every day? About 10,000 a day! WOW! They are the largest generation ever to retire and their housing decisions will have a huge impact on our housing markets over the next decade.

New research shows that baby boomers are interested in big city living for their retirement years. They’re being drawn to urban areas that tout walkability, nearby restaurants, culture, and public transportation. Cost of living and warmer weather may also play a role in where they settle as is evidenced by the list below.® researchers identified areas with the highest number of residents ages 55 and up, as well as areas that have seen the largest increases of this population over the past two years. The site identified the following areas as the fastest-growing retirement cities for boomers:

  1. Tucson, Ariz. Median home list price: $290,000

  2. St. Louis Median home list price: $209,000

  3. Tampa, Fla. Median home list price: $325,000

  4. Denver Median home list price: $490,000

  5. Atlanta Median home list price: $390,000

  6. Las Vegas Median home list price: $323,000

  7. Albuquerque, N.M. Median home list price: $260,000

Source: “Bye-Bye, Boca! Retiring Boomers Are Flocking to These 10 Cities,”® (Sept. 9, 2019)

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