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Survey Says.....Dedicated Home Office is Becoming A Top Priority!

No surprise! Sheltering in Place has forced companies and employees to figure out ways to work from home. For many employees, the luxury of a dedicated office space does not exist. Zillow conducted a survey to find out about the home "office space" environment. Here's what they learned:

  • About two-thirds of survey respondents say they're working from a room that's not a dedicated home office.

  • Most Americans working from home say they'd consider a move if allowed to work remotely long-term

  • Top of the wish list is more space to help find a quiet spot to work

  • Listings mentioning a home office have jumped about 10% since April 2019.

  • The open space concept that has become so popular in recent years may be less desireable as people try and find quiet and private spaces to work at home

If working remotely becomes a part of the corporate structure, our lives and possibly our financial well-being could see changes. Employees may be able to live further afield and find more affordable housing. Less money will be spent on gas, parking and public transportation. Eating out would probably decline, some might opt to minimize day care coverage and spending money on professional work clothes would be drastically reduced. We'll have to see what happens over the next few months.

Source: Zlillow

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