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6 Good Reasons to Own a Tiny Home

Tiny houses have been trending for a few years but they continue to hold appeal. Pacific Grove has quite a few homes that are under 700 square feet. Mostly in the downtown area south of Lighthouse Ave. Since 2018, 23 homes have sold in Pacific Grove under 700 SF.

Average square footage: 556 SF

Average days on market: 24

Average price per foot: $1219

So why are people choosing to go smaller?

  • Simplifying life

  • Choosing travel over accumulation of things

  • The desire to create a smaller carbon footprint

  • Affordability

  • Cost savings - home insurance, utility bills, maintenance bills, water bills etc...

  • Vacation home

It's not for everyone but I have seen some clever remodels that really consider how to live small with innovative storage, clever dual functioning spaces and much more.

Happy to share more local market information if you a tiny house is in your future.


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