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Bring the Forest Indoors!

I don't know about you but when I head down to Big Sur and take a walk at Pfeiffer State Park, I always come away feeling better. Is it the ancient trees that comfort me or the needles on the forest floor that create a silent carpet? There are many elements of nature that make us feel at peace and in a world that's filled with busy schedules, stressful jobs and a continued Pandemic, bringing nature into our homes might be the perfect way to create some joy!

The use of green is part of a trend called “forest bathing,” which means being surrounded by natural materials and spending time among nature to calm oneself. Nature-inspired shades and textures are turning up in unexpected places like cabinetry, appliances, hoods, countertops and backsplashes. Green is a bold color and it doesn't appeal to everyone so if you aren't ready for a big commitment, you may consider using it as an accent piece in your pillows and accessories.

In addition to color, wood is also popular as part of the forest bathing trend. With global warming and a bigger focus on sustainable materials, natural woods like mango and teak are becoming a big part of today's designs. Wood bowls, Manzanita branches, decorative wood balls, organic furniture and even wood veneer cabinetry will be featured in the coming year.

Finally, don't forget indoor plants, air plants and succulents. They are the perfect way to bring the outdoors in and and can play an important role in providing peace, productivity and health to all of us. Stick air plants in random locations on your bookshelf, create a beautiful succulent display in a bored-out wood branch and don't forget a few potted indoor plants. They do need water and some love but in return, they will bring you joy that we all so desperately need!

Source: Realtor Magazine, December 10, 2021


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