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Is a "Love" Letter to a Seller a Good Thing?

Buyers often ask if they should write to the seller, create a video or send them photos. They want to explain why they are eager to buy their home. They talk about their family, their dog and the love of the home. Sounds like a good idea? You'd think so, but don't do it!

The problem is these letters often innocently include personal information that could create a bias. Sellers can't discriminate against race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, and disability, so having personal information can subconsciously formulate a bias. For example, if a letter says, “We can see our children growing up in this home,” or, “We our a religious family and are so happy to have our church within walking distance to the house,” these are potential fair housing issues.

Fair housing laws are in place to make sure that everyone who is qualified can purchase a home. To avoid a fair housing lawsuit against the seller and listing agent, the safest thing to do is to inform both buyer and seller that you can't accept or submit personal letters.

When I submit an offer, I just present the facts and when I present offers to my seller, I do the same. Price, terms and specific information are all we need.

Save your love letters for your loved ones!


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