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California Home Ownership Advocacy - California Association of Realtors

The California Association of Realtors advocacy supports housing, real estate, private property rights and other REALTOR® issues in Washington D.C., Sacramento and in city and county governments throughout California.  Advocates meet with state leaders throughout the year to voice their support or concern for legislation that is being proposed in California. Annually, on Legislation Day, REALTORS® from around the state, meet with their representatives to discuss their top concerns. Our voices matter and explaining our concerns can help legislators understand potential impact on housing. Here are a few Assembly Bills that C.A.R. opposed. They did not pass in the Assembly.

 AB 1932 (Ward): This bill would have eliminated the mortgage interest deduction on second homes. Nearly every year, a bill to remove the deduction of mortgage interest on second homes is introduced, and therefore, defeating the bill proved extra challenging this year. C.A.R. worked very hard to ensure that this bill, which would hurt working Californians, would not move forward. 

AB 2187 (Bryan): This bill would have established the Office of Tenants’ Rights and Protections to create and maintain a list of information that is already available through third parties and other state departments. 

 AB 2539 (Connolly): This bill would have prohibited a mobile home park owner from selling their park until they have first solicited offers from resident organizations. 

SB 1462 (Glazer):This bill would have diminished consumer protections by allowing developers to take the buyer’s deposit out of escrow and use it for construction costs related to the home the buyer was purchasing. It also would have lifted the cap on liquidated damages and allowed a builder to keep all of a buyer’s deposit, regardless of how large that deposit was. 


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