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Some Highlights of the Monterey County Supplemental Disclosure Form

Every county and city has their own set of rules so if you are looking to buy a home, knowing the local ordinances is very important. Here are three laws that apply in Monterey County. It's not all inclusive so please make sure to check with your real estate professional.

Point of Sale Reports- Some cities require city inspections and sewer lateral inspections. If the city finds violations at the property, the seller will be required to clear them before close. It a sewer is damaged, the city will require that it is either fixed or replaced. Generally sellers will be responsible for the associated costs but this can be negotiated in the contract.

Rental Restrictions - In many areas of Monterey County, short term rentals aka vacation rentals are prohibited. In cities that do not allow short term rentals, you can not rent your property for less than 30 days. Penalties and fines may be imposed so be aware!

Historical Preservation - Most cities on the Peninsula have regulations affecting the use, rehabilitation, and demolition of properties over 50 years old or properties that have "provenance" with historical significance. You might not be able to replace old windows, paint the house a specific color, change the roof line or alter the facade. Check with the city before purchasing a home with potential historical character.

Tree Preservation - We love our trees so cutting down trees without permission is against the law. There are restrictions on how much tree trimming you can do and tree removal of certain protected "heritage" trees require a permit and an arborist evaluation. Violations could result in fines and any tree removal will require replacement of trees.

More to come next week. See why it's important to have a real estate professional help you through the process? We are here to make sure you get all the information you need to make informed decisions.


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