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Some Info About Backup Generators in Pebble Beach

We sometimes have power outages in the winter months here on the Monterey Peninsula. Pebble Beach is especially prone to them due to the huge amount of trees in the Del Monte forest. Many home owners install back up generators to keep their house running during a storm. Some are portable and run on fuel, others are hardwired and are hooked up to natural gas.

There have been an increasing number of generator installations in the last few years so the Pebble Beach Company has put out some helpful information to guide you through the installation process:

  • A Monterey County permit along with an inspection by the PB Fire Department is required

  • A sign must be posted at the house electrical panel that identifies the location of the generator on the property

  • Whenever possible the generator shall be soundproofed and installed away from neighboring properties and enclosed with fencing or similar housing

  • The Architectural Review Board must approve your noise reduction options such as:

    • Sound-absorbing enclosure

    • Exhaust mufflers/silencers

    • Isolation mounts

  • Timing for cycling the generator when not in use shoudb e scheduled to cause the least neighborhood impact

Source: Del Monte Forest Property Owners Newsletter, January - March 2021 issue


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