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What Are the Top Home Features for 2023?

Curious about home trends for the upcoming year? Zillow researched the most mentioned words on public listings to find the top trends for 2023.

Backyards top the list! The pandemic appears to have changed the way people feel about their gardens and outdoor living has become a top priority. Entertaining outdoors, connecting with nature, and finding some peace and quiet made home owners rethink their spaces. Backyards became an extension of the home. In 2023, outdoor home gyms, natural pools, edible gardens, and outdoor rooms for dining, lounging and quiet reflection.

Mirrored walls are back! I never thought that would happen but apparently they are making a come back in a "modern way". Mirrors reflect light and can make spaces look bigger so I guess it makes sense in smaller rooms. Today's mirrored wall is often antiqued or has artistic grids to break up the wall.

The great room isn't always so great! For years, removing walls was common place but the pandemic brought a new problem....the lack of privacy. With everyone working and learning from home, it was difficult to find a quiet space to Zoom and "think" so a dedicated office space and a retreat for reading or simply relaxing are now important priorities.

Kitchen islands continue to trend and it sounds like bigger islands are often better! The island remains the center piece of the kitchen with contrasting paint colors and wood stains. Different countertop materials, combination wood and stone worktops, and mixed metal fixtures and hardware will be popular and you might see creative homeowners repurposing unique furniture pieces or vintage tables as islands.

Backyards are Zillow's must-have home feature for 2023. December 19, 2022


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