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National Real Estate News: Current Design Trends

Styles change from year to year and this year is no exception. Take a look at some current decor trends for 2017.......

Monochrome Spaces: Although I still love color, muted pastels and monochrome palettes are all the rage. Walls, trim, ceilings and furniture create a unified look

New Modern: Clean, minimal aesthetic with curved lines and mixed materials.

Transparent Furniture: Colored or transparent glass or acrylic help keep a small space from feeling boxed in. It also adds an elegant or modern feature to any room

Beige Tones: Apparently beige is the new gray and it's no longer boring!

Open Ceilings: Vaulted spaces offer a structurally interesting way to change the appearance of a room to give it light, air, and openness.

Black Trim: Designers are embracing rich shades of black everywhere -- from around windows and doors to shelves, walls, and more. Be careful and don't overdo it...

Libraries: Libraries, often spaces without the distraction of tv screens but with the presence of a display of collections and favorites have become awesome-to-have spaces in new and revamped homes.

Sustainability: Green isn't going away any time soon. For homeowners, that design trend equals lots of options that affect their spaces in all sorts of ways. That may include reusing materials, such as reclaimed wood, or revamping the structure of their homes to include better windows or improved heating/cooling systems.

Greenery: Hanging plants and house plants are in. Not only do they add color to a home, indoor plants improve both mental and physical health.

Handmade Pottery: Beautiful handmade pottery can add an organic edge to rooms and depending on tones, provide a pop of color. Use them to decorate book shelves, coffee tables and consoles.

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