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National Real Estate News: What Home Insurance Doesn't Cover

Many standard policies do not include a few things that you may assume they cover, You may need to investigate supplemental coverage. Here are a few common things that aren’t covered by homeowners insurance:

Home renovations

You will need to take out a specific renovation policy if you are doing major work to your home. A renovation policy will cover potential liability issues, such as if someone gets hurt on your property during the remodel.

Earthquake Insurance

You will need to get earthquake insurance if you want to be protected. Standard homeowner coverage isn’t usually protective from damage in earthquakes, leaving you paying for repairs.

Floor Insurance

Floods aren’t often covered in standard insurance policies either and require supplemental insurance.

Slow water leaks

Water Damage

Damage from “seepage and leakage” can also be denied for coverage. Water damage usually has to be “sudden and accidental” to be covered,

Smell damage

A little unusual but not unheard of problem..... Most policies won’t cover smells that linger around your home and possessions.

Sewer and drain backups

Homeowners may also be stuck with the bill if their sewer backs up into their home. This is not an uncommon situation especially in older neighborhoods that might have clay pipes. Several cities in Monterey County require a sewer lateral inspection prior to sale.

Source: “9 Things Typical Homeowner Insurance Doesn’t Actually Cover,”® (Oct. 26, 2017)

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