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Local News: New Power Source Comes online in Monterey County!

Monterey Bay Community Power just came online and I'm not sure how many people in our community really understand what it is and how it works. It's confusing and the biggest thing you need to know is that unless you opt out, you're in. Here are a few highlights:
  • MBCP isn't generating power of its own but it is procuring power with the following criteria: 100% renewable and carbon-free - no fossil fuels (mostly solar and hydroelectric sources)

  • MBCP is going to buy wholesale power from 14 companies all over the West including PGE, Shell, Tenaska, Silicon Valley Clean Energy etc... It's called COMMODITY HEDGING

  • In the short term, the goal is to provide reliable power at rates that are competitive to PG&E's with plans to provide a 3% rebate this December and 4% in 2019. In the longer term, they will look at offers for small power generation and power storage projects to be built in the tri-county area which could generate up to a combined 20 megawatts.

  • 19 jurisdictions are participating (King City and Del Rey Oaks opted out)

  • Pacific Gas & Electric still owns and operates the grid and remains the purveyor of power to Monterey County customers.

  • Non-residential customers launched on March 1

  • PG&E customers will be automatically enrolled in MBCP unless they opt out. Opt out is free for the first 60 days and then a $5 will be charged thereafter

Source: Monterey County Weekly June 21-27, 2018
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