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National News: Survey on Home Trends

We're blessed with many amazing views on our beautiful coastline so this latest survey could be good news for many home owners on the Central Coast. Here are some top choices regarding home styles and features...
Forty-five percent of Americans surveyed say if they could get their top choice they’d have a waterfront view, whether that’s a lakefront or oceanfront view. Views of a coast, city, or hills, raised elevations, and mountains followed in their preferences.
The most preferred home size among Americans is four bedrooms and three bathrooms and is 4,982 square feet on 10.6 acres.

Americans ranked the following home styles as their favorites:

  1. Ranch

  2. Farmhouse

  3. Craftsman

  4. Mediterranean

  5. Colonial

Their least favorite home style: townhouse or art deco, according to the survey.

The kitchen is an important spot for homeowners. Granite as their top counter top choice and tile as their top flooring choice, and they showed a clear preference for recessed lighting in the kitchen.

For the overall house, the top flooring choice was overwhelmingly wood.

Forty-nine percent said wood was their most preferred flooring

29.3 percent who said carpeting

19.7 percent who considered tile tops. In the bedroom, Americans overwhelmingly preferred carpeting over wood.

Source: Realtor Magazine

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