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Chico Tops the List as the Hottest Housing Market in the US for December 2018!

5 out of the top 15 cities with the hottest housing markets in December were in California. The most surprising one was Chico, Located just 15 miles from the deadly Paradise fire, it appears that locals who lost their homes are buying in Chico and the outlying areas. Many have already received their insurance checks and are ready to buy. The Sacramento Bee reports that within a 3 week period, over 200 Chico homes went into escrow. Wow!.

The following 15 cities were the hottest housing markets in December 2018, according to®:

  1. Chico, Calif.

  2. Midland, Texas

  3. Odessa, Texas

  4. Columbus, Ohio

  5. Fort Wayne, Ind.

  6. San Francisco, Calif.

  7. Sacramento, Calif.

  8. Colorado Springs, Colo.

  9. Boston, Mass.

  10. Stockton, Calif.

  11. Vallejo, Calif.

  12. Rockford, Ill.

  13. Detroit, Mich.

  14. Yuba City, Calif.

  15. Dallas, Texas

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