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House Painting Tips

Here is some information about interior house painting and....a few comments from me!

  • Dark paint colors make a room look small - Lots of design magazines do show dark wall paint and sometimes they look really great but make sure to choose your colors well and maybe consider an accent wall first. Once on the wall, things can look very different!

  • Using primer means you don't have to clean the walls - Wiping down the walls would not be something I'd skip and the experts say the same. You need to remove dust, grease and any dirt to ensure that your paint adheres to the walls properly and quite frankly, the idea of painting over dirt is very unappealing!

  • Glossy paint is more durable -This was always a traditional suggestion at the paint store especially when painting kitchens and bathrooms where moisture is present but now a days, improvements in paint formulas have made it less necessary.

  • Primers aren’t necessary.- Incorrect, it’s a crucial one to ensure the paint goes on smoothly

  • You always need two coats of paint. - Don’t assume that's true. Using a quality brand of paint may be all you need but don't skimp because a color bleed is not an attractive look!

  • Trim must always be white.- Extending your wall color to the trim for both the top and bottom can make walls appear taller so it depends on what you are looking for.


“The House Painting Myths You Have to Stop Believing Immediately,”® (March 12, 2019)

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