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Looking for the Latest Design Trends?

Things are always changing but many designs recycle. Here are some of this summer's design trends:

West Coast Cool: Rooms will feature furnishings with relaxed, natural textures - rattan and cane, wood, stone and earthy tones. Light, airy fabrics like linens and sheers will be layered in and the botanical and floral patterns will be popular.

Mixed Furniture & Styles: Mixing old with new creates interest in any room. Mid Century modern paired with a french antique. Mixed it up!

Boho: Lightweight throw blankets and floor pillows bring an instant update and bohemian edge to your living spaces.

Layers: Different textures and colors can be used to create a warm and inviting living room. Combine materials, styles and time periods to create a layered look that is uniquely yours.

More Can Be A Good Thing: There is a move away from minimalism so don't be afraid to tastefully display your treasures. Group your collections to create interest in the room but don't over do it!

Source: Apartment Therapy - Kelsey Mulvey

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