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How Motivated are Millenials for Home Ownership?

Chase Home Lending just released a study called Readying to Buy. It reveals the attitudes, preferences, tendencies and behaviors that this demographic has toward the home buying journey. The study looked to better understand Millennials’ urgency to buy a home, lifestyle adjustments they’re willing to make to prepare for that big purchase, and their general perception of home buying.

The statistic that was most surprising to me was the one about limiting eating out. 71% of men, 64% of women are willing to limit eating out and drinking to once a week. Is that really true? Seems like everyone is eating out a lot more than before but maybe I have that wrong. With 2 entrees at $25, 2 glasses of wine at $12 and maybe a little dessert, a night out could set you back between $80-$100 depending on where you go. Kudos to those who have chosen to refrain!

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