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The Big City May Be Losing It’s Appeal!

After being cooped up for over 3 months, it’s no surprise that some homeowners are re-evaluating their current situations and looking to make a move. With telecommuting becoming more wide-spread and companies encouraging “work from home” jobs, people can move farther afield and a whole lot of options are now opening up. The Monterey Peninsula is a favorite place for many Bay Area residents and in the last few weeks, it seems that there has been an uptick in buyers looking to re-locate. Out of state locations are also gaining popularity. Here are some of the things homeowners are looking for:

  • Smaller communities and less crowded neighborhoods

  • Housing affordability outside of large metro areas like San Francisco, the Bay Area. Los Angeles

  • Desire for outdoor spaces close to home. Trails, parks, mountains, beaches.

  • Desire for more square footage including space for home offices and home schooling for kids.

  • Less taxes. Some States don’t have state income tax – one of the attractive features of Nevada

  • City life without the big city price tag. Top affordable metro areas are currently: Phoenix, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Austin and Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, NC and Miami are becoming popular alternatives.

We'll see what happens over the next year or so. Once the pandemic subsides, will people's desires change? Stay tuned!

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