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Home Trends for 2021

Some interesting new ideas are trending for homes in 2021. As we all know, the Pandemic has played a huge role in how people live and work so it's not surprising that ideas are popping up as to how to accommodate our new "normal". Here are a few

The new "Prep & Show" kitchen. Kitchens are being divided into separate spaces - a prep and work space and another area for entertaining that showcases food and drink but keeps the "mess" out of sight. Great idea but you'll need both space and money to accommodate these ideas.

Since outdoor gatherings are the best way to see friends and family, outdoor spaces, heaters and firepits are becoming a "must have" in everyone's backyard.

People are looking for alternative ways to gain additional space so pre-fabricated sheds and mini houses are becoming popular. Some are being used for projects, quiet spaces to meditate, additional sleeping zones and gardening sheds. Obviously, city rules about set backs, habitability and other factors need to be considered so make sure to check with your city before moving forward.

Video conferencing area for both work and social activities are becoming more popular. Larger screens and better sound systems allow more options for families & work spaces.

Due to continued global weather changes, backyard and landscaping projects are beginning to change in order to handle heavy rains, more snowstorms, and in the West......the persistent drought.

Wellness focused spaces are also becoming popular. Created peaceful outdoor spaces where you can go to "getaway".

All of these trends sound positive so I guess there is a silver lining for 2020. This Pandemic has perhaps helped many of us re-focus on our homes and find ways to enjoy the outdoors more. Like Martha Stewart always says...."It's a good thing!"

Source: December 4, 2020. Realtor Magazine - A Myriad of Home Trends to Gain Momentum in 2021


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