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Some Eco-Friendly Features That Home Owners Want

We should all try and do our part to help our environment. Global warming, a build up of waste at our landfills and a terrible ocean garbage concern are leading conscientious home owners to look for eco-friendly home features. Here are a few examples.

  1. Energy Star-rated appliances. Homes with high-efficiency appliances are in demand because they offer enhanced performance with reduced energy usage. Not only do Energy Star-rated appliances lower homeowners’ carbon footprint, but they also look good and reduce utility costs.

  2. Programmable thermostats. The wish to cut costs has led more buyers to seek out homes with programmable thermostats. Programmable thermostats provide homeowners with increased control over their climates.

  3. Radiant floor heating. Radiant heating uses much less energy than traditional heating methods. It uses electric coils or water tubing to heat under flooring. Heat rises so is efficient and heats more consistently throughout the home.

  4. Solar panels. Capturing the sun’s power is far more affordable and provides clean energy. Buyers are on the lookout for homes decked out with solar panels.

  5. Recycled materials. This year I am trying to use recycled items whenever I can. Producing new materials depletes many natural resources and throwing things away, creates huge issues at our waste facilities. Many products will not decay for centuries and we're running out of waste disposal areas. Reclaimed materials, like barn wood and recycled quartz are more affordable and can furnish homes with striking textures.

  6. Geothermal systems. These systems regulate temperatures by transferring heat from the earth into your home. Extensive drilling may be required and costs can be more than traditional HVAC systems.

Source: Realtor Magazine, September 2 - Top 6 Eco Friendly Home Features Buyers Want


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