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Tips for the Beginner Gardener

If you just purchased your home and are excited about your garden, here are a few tips to help you get started. Maintaining a garden takes work but there are lots of rewards so don't give up! Each season requires special attention even in areas where you don't have snow. The Monterey Peninsula does get some frost and depending on your plantings, seasonal plants will need special attention. that Fall is here, clean up your summer garden and get ready for winter!

Deadhead perennials. When perennial flowers have finished blooming, cut off old stalks or stems, which is called “deadheading.”

Prune and transplant overgrowth. Plants and bushes require different types of trimming so check with the experts before you start trimming!

Mulch plants to retain water. It also keeps down weeds, and prevents the soil from drying out.

Set up a drip irrigation system on a timer to water plants. Surprisingly, this will help prevent overwatering. You should water daily for the first two weeks after planting, then slowly scale back to every other day.

Keep pests away. Spray with insecticidal soap or use Neem oil rather than a chemical, If you get aphids, consider releasing ladybugs in the morning or evening to prey on them, he suggests.

Deter larger wildlife. To control critters, dig down into the ground two feet and lay heavy-duty wire mesh, or build a raised planter

Source; Realtor Magazine - First Time Homebuyer - Here's How to Prepare for Fall 8/27/20


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