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What Color Sells Your House?

Trending colors come and go but when you are selling your house, a neutral palette always wins the day. According to the Paint & Color Trends 2022 Report conducted by Fixr, eighty-one percent of interior design experts recently surveyed say whites and creams are the best colors to use when selling a house in 2022. You can still include color with pillows and home decor but neutrality can make it easier for prospective buyers to see their own furnishings in a space. Remember, colors are very personal and a shade of green that makes you happy might remind someone else of a vegetable they hated as a child!....You never know! Interior colors recommended for selling your house in 2022

  • White and creams - 81%

  • Warm neutrals (tans beige etc) - 36%

  • Shades of gray - 14%

  • Soft warm colors (sage green, warm brown etc) - 13%

  • Soft cool colors (light blue, green, lilac etc) - 6%

  • Other colors = 2%

On the exterior, white is the most frequently recommended color according to Fixr

  • White- 58%

  • Off-white - 41%

White and off-white can both make a home look fresh and clean, regardless of age. Neutral colors have nearly universal appeal and will help improve the curb appeal of a home. Looking around my neighborhood today, most of the homes seem to fall in the cream to beige zone but we all add a little personality with window trims, gates and interesting light accessories. Compass has a program called Concierge that can help sellers "spruce up their homes" before they sell. Paint, new carpet, some repairs and landscaping are just a few possibilities. The program fronts the costs of home preparation and improvement services with no lending fees and then reimburses the company at the close of escrow. Let me know if you need more information. Source: Realtor Magazine, February 3, 2022


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