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Luxury Home Wish Lists for Young Buyers

Today, young buyers have different ideas about luxury living. Here's a list of some of their wish list items:

Less space, more functionality: Millennials are choosing smaller luxury homes that make smart use of space and are filled with high-end amenities and furnishings. They want open-concept living areas, showcase kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and multiuse rooms.

Technology focus:. Fast internet access for telecommuters who work from home is a must and a smart home filled with connected devices. This can include smart appliances, speakers, thermostats, and security systems, networked audio systems for the entire house and voice-controlled lighting.

Green features. Millennials care about preserving the environment—and saving money in the process. Features they want include solar panels, indoor air purification systems, geothermal energy systems, and tankless water heaters.

Greater commuting options. Walkability and proximity to public transportation are highly sought attributes. They like to walk to local amenities like restaurants, community gathering areas, and entertainment. They may also prefer to commute via public transportation or use rideshare services.

Indoor and outdoor living spaces. Millennials want the option to expand their living areas to include outdoor spaces. Balconies, decks, or rooftop gardens are all excellent spots to take advantage of fresh air and offer additional places for entertaining, relaxing, and practicing mindfulness.

Source: Realtor Magazine, June 11, 2019

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