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Bathroom Details That Count!® recently featured an article on the smaller details that can help elevate a bathroom’s look. Here are 4 suggestions that can make a difference:

Luxe Shower Head: Low-flow showerhead systems and models that detach from the wall are trending. Designers also suggest raising the showerhead a foot or so higher.

Clean Tile Grout: Grout has the potential to make a bathroom look cleaner. Make sure the grout blends with the tile.

Towel Rack: A place to hang the towels can actually become a focal point in a bathroom. Choosing a towel bar that’s wide enough for at least two towels—about 24 inches. The towel bar doesn’t need to be the same finish as the plumbing and make sure towels are accessible as you exit a shower.

Sink Faucet: Widespread faucets, at least 8 inches create a more contemporary clean look.

Source: “6 Tiny Details That Make or Break How Great Your Bathroom Looks,”® (July 22, 2019

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