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Woman vs Man - Home Purchase Preferences

One in five consumers buying a home today is a single woman. Meyers Research in Costa Mesa, Calif., conducted a survey analyzing the buying preferences of 33,000 home shoppers, including both men and women with a variety of locations and price points. They found that the influence of the female buyer segment goes further than expected. Not only are women involved in buying their own homes, but they also help guide many single men who seek advice during a home search.

Here are some of their preferences in the Man vs Woman Survey:

Why They Buy:

Women-Family, safety, price and schools

Men - Prestige, fitness, family

Home Size:

Women - Smaller homes < 2500 SF

Men - Bigger homes

Indoors vs Outdoors:

Women - Interior-walk in closet, entertaining space

Men - Exterior - Backyard, rooftop deck, larger garage

Design Influences:

Women - Modern, casual contemporary, modern farmhouse, white

Men - Spanish and Tudor style, white

Pet Factor:

Women - Consider pet friendly environments and pet parks

Men - Not as important

Bells & Whistles:

Women - Workout classes, fitness center, resort style pool

Men - Independent exercise, Wifi, sports park

Source: Realtor Magazine, November 22, 2019

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