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Have You Heard of the New Home Hardening Disclosure?

A new law went into effect on January 1, 2021. It relates to a new disclosure that is required when a Homeowner sells their home. It's called the Home Hardening Disclosure. A Seller must answer questions specifying which home hardening features the home lacks that make the home vulnerable to wildfire and flying embers.

It applies to the following properties:

  • Residential 1 – 4 unit properties (including condos and manufactured homes)

  • Located within high or very high fire zones

  • Built before 2010

Here are some examples of "home hardening" steps:

  • Replace wood or shingle roof

  • Cover vents with metal mesh

  • Eaves should be non-combustible

  • Remove combustible landscaping within five feet of home

  • Install dual paned, tempered glass windows

  • Walls made of resistant material, not boards or shingles

  • Decks and patio covers made of fire-resistant materials

  • Screen or enclose rain gutters to prevent debris

  • Chimney outlet metal screened

  • Fix loose or missing bird stop/eave closure

Source: C.A.R. Legal Tools


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