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Home Features That May Boost Sales Values

I was just reading an article from Angi about home features that are currently yielding the most profit when selling a home. They combed Zillow for sold properties with common or trending added features and used math to figure out the price premium associated with each feature. Obviously this doesn't mean that these features will guarantee you higher returns but it helps identify current trends and desirability.

My sister just completed a major remodel of her home so I thought I'd see how she did in selections. I'm happy to report that she chose 8/10 features. Way to go sis....sounds like you are in the know!

Here is the list of the top 10 selections:

  • Pendant lights (so many selections are available from traditional to contemporary and they really help bring interest to the kitchen)

  • Under cabinet lighting (really great idea especially when you have a dark kitchen or lack of natural light)

  • Double sink vanity

  • Butcher block (counters or island)

  • Quartz countertops (durable and don't require re-sealing)

  • Oversized windows (bring the light in.....we can never have enough natural light)

  • Farmhouse sink (both porcelain and stainless)

  • Subway tile (continued classic for traditional and contemporary styles)

  • Barn doors (they create a nice architectural detail but they will take away wall space)

  • Pot filler (located above the stove and used to fill pasta pots etc... with water)

Source: The Home Features that Boost a Property's Value March 21, 2022


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