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Million Dollar Houses - The New Normal

I think it's no surprise to any Californians that million dollar homes are becoming the norm not the exception. On the Monterey Peninsula, average sales prices are climbing in all local cities. Before the Pandemic, Marina and Seaside were the most affordable locations near the coast with prices ranging from $450,000 to $900,000. Comparing January-mid March sales in 2021, 6.3% of homes sold in Marina/Seaside were priced over $1 million, In 2022, same time period, 22% of homes sold over $1 million. Pebble Beach and Carmel have always had higher price tags but Monterey and Pacific Grove have now stepped into the million dollar plus market. 95% of Pacific Grove homes have sold for over $1 million since January 2022 and in Monterey, 56.7% of homes sold for over $1 million. The lack of inventory plays a major role in our current price positions and as such, it remains a seller's market. Multiple offers are still common place and buyers continue to offer prices over asking.

If there is any consolation, the Monterey Peninsula is not alone. Seven of the top 10 metros for $1 million-plus homes are located in California, according to Redfin’s analysis.

The housing markets where you’ll find the most homes worth $1 million or more are:

  • San Francisco: 88.7% of homes were worth at least $1 million in February

  • San Jose, Calif.: 85.9%

  • Anaheim, Calif.: 55.3%

  • Oakland, Calif.: 55.1%

  • San Diego: 40.4%

  • Los Angeles: 38.5%

  • Honolulu: 37.1%

  • Seattle: 36.5%

  • New York: 32.1%

  • Oxnard, Calif.: 31.2%

Source Realtor Magazine, March 10, 2022


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