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What Can You Do at Home to Slow Climate Change?

If you are looking to build, remodel or redesign consider some of these energy saving ideas to play your part in slowing climate change. Everything we do can count!

Here are some tips to help reduce our carbon footprint at home.

1. Install a Heat pump which draws heat from the air and transfers it into or out of the house.

2. Install high-performance insulation and ventilation systems that improve airflow and prevent hot air from escaping or entering.

3. Upgrade windows.

4. Replace gas appliances with Electric. Induction cooking is growing in popularity.

5. Drive and charge electrical vehicles

6. Use LED bulbs

7. Install Smart meters, panels, and thermostats, so you can monitor what’s using electricity and the household’s overall cost of consumption

8. Install rooftop solar panels and battery storage (There are more attractive integrated options now).

9. Consider used/antique furniture. Thrift stores, consignment stores, Craigslist, and salvage stores are all good options. You might be surprised at what you find.

10. Repaint existing cabinets instead of buying new ones. (We just did that at our home and I think they turned out really well.)

Source: Wall Street Journal


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